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Johnny hat ja kürzlich erst dazu aufgefordert, das web zurück zu erobern und wieder mehr zu bloggen. Mein Chef macht mal nen Anfang… 🙂

Disruptive Cooperation

This blog is part of a search. I am looking for a means to reorganise or redirect disruptive innovation in a way that tackles two big problems: increasing inequality and weak social cohesion. I want to deliberately avoid the „fetish of assertion“ that characterises a lot of the public dialogue. That’s why I see it as a search. And I expect it to be a dialogue involving lots of people. While I have a suggestion for a beginning, I am not claiming to have the whole recipe. I am hoping to discover it.

What kind of recipe are we looking for? What we need are practical entrepreneurial means of creating organisations that intrinsically deal with both problems: inequality and weak social cohesion. These organisations need to be able to compete in the real world with others that don’t share the same aims.

Let’s look briefly at the two big problems…

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  1. Thanks for the comments and reblog. By-the-way, your serious of posts on the network effect and the impact on markets really influenced my thinking!

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